2.4.2 Lesson 4 On Contentment【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


What did Xu You do when Yao tried to persuade him to take the throne?

A  He refused to see Yao.

B  He refused to take over.

C  He agreed to take it after Yao’s death.

D  He recommended someone else to take it.


According to the story Xu You Refuses the Throne, how can we achieve true wisdom?

A  By learning more knowledge.

B  By observing the world.

C  By resisting the temptation of fame.

D  By making good friends.


When Yue the goat butcher was offer a position of one of the most distinguished nobles, what did he do?

A  He happily accepted the offer.

B  He accepted the offer with hesitation.

C  He refused the offer with hesitation.

D  He firmly refused the offer.


What can we learn from Yue the goat butcher?

A  Remain true to your origin goal.

B  Follow your leader even when he has lost his power.

C  Position is more important than money.

D  Knowledge can lead to eloquence.


When Yan Hui replied that he had enough basics and was contented and he didn’t want any positions, what was Confucius’ response?

A  He continued persuade Yan Hui.

B  He said nothing and left.

C  He partially agreed with Yan Hui.

D  He marveled at Yan Hui’s reply.


When Mrs. Zhou analyze the fable of Yan Hui Refuses Office, to which question she thinks different people will have different answers.

A  What is knowledge?

B  How much is enough?

C  What is perfect life?

D  How to be happy?


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