4.3.2 Lesson 3 【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


Why does the chicken choose to live in the wild in the story In the Wild or in a Cage?

A  It is easier for him to find food and water in the wild.

B  He likes the sun and rain and trees and flowers in the wild.

C  He can enjoy freedom by living in the wild.

D  He can avoid the danger of being killed. 


Which of the following statements about Zhuangzi’s ideas on freedom is correct?

A  Zhuangzi’s thought has influenced many famous scholars such as Ruan Ji, Tao Yuanming, and Dai Jinsheng.

B  Ruan Ji refused to be an official by quoting Zhuangzi’ story of the chick living in the wild.

C  Both In the Wild or in a Cage and The Hat Seller from Song show that he loves freedom.

D  Compared to your freedom, to eat like a king is more important.


What’s the old days like according to the fish from the fable Forget Each Other in the Rivers and Lakes?

A  They had a lot of friends supporting one another on the dried land.

B  There was so much water in the rivers and lakes that they forgot the existence of other fish.

C  They had to live on each other's saliva in the dried rivers and lakes.

D  They swam freely in big schools in the rivers and lakes.


What does Zhuangzi actually want to say through the dialog of the two fish in the fable Forget Each Other in the Rivers and Lakes?

A  He is giving guidance to couples who have problems in their married life.

B  He is trying to create a wuxia community of martial artists, assassins, wanderers, and other outsiders.

C  He is encouraging us to spare ourselves from the trivial things and seek a carefree life in nature.

D  He is emphasizing the importance of friends, especially when you are in trouble.


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